A Place to Recharge your Soul

The bedrock of our Soul City is yoga, holistic movement, conscious living, having self-awareness and the freedom to express, to move, to experience and to quite simply, be.

Soul City offers yoga practice for everyone, but what makes our City undeniably special is the remarkable fusion of yoga, together with true promotion of wellbeing and sharing of knowledge in our creative spaces. Soul City is emerging as a the perfect destination to make connections, to learn about self-care and nourishment for all. Together we can move, eat, listen, and learn.


Meet the tribe that will guide you along to move and recharge.


Step into your home away from home.


Step into a place of sustenance, strengthen body and soul.


The journey is the treasure

Recharging your soul in a city

Sure, there are lots of nice things happening in the city that help you to recharge your soul in one manner or another. Enjoying a delicious dinner with your friends, attending a smooth yoga class, having a relaxing walk at the Uetliberg, or even going for a wild...
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