The journey is the treasure

The Soul City teachers make this journey of self-learning the treasure. We are forever students of life – learning, sharing and guiding. It is our passion to remain your equals and pass down our knowledge in a down to earth and approachable manner. Meet our tribe who will nudge you to move and recharge.


She’s a dedicated yogini and brings in years of experience in practicing and teaching Lu Jong and Face Yoga!

Chantal grew up in the canton of Zug and through her passion of travelling she was able to gather many valuable experiences with people and cultures form all over the world. The contact and encounter with Buddhism was recurring on all continents. This inexorably moved her to delve deeper into Buddhist philosophy and led her to LU JONG, the Tibetan movement theory. She quickly noticed the positive effects the regular practice of the exercises has on body, mind and soul.

All over the face is a part of the body too, which led her to become a certified FaceYogaMethod teacher. Chantal is a certified Lu Jong teacher according to Tulku Lama Lobsang, a certified FaceYogaMethod teacher according to Fumiko Takatsu, certified naturopaht in Tibetan medicine and certified masseuse in Tibetan relaxation & Energy Massage (Kum Nye).


Kerstin is a passionate Yoga – Energy – Spirit Coach. She inspires and supports people to unfold their unique potential, in harmony with their heart. She combines her joy in movement, her enthusiasm for energy work and her fascination for spirituality into a holistic practice.

Her lessons are characterized by lightness and liveliness. The units of dynamic-flowing movements and static-powerful poses train strength, flexibility and endurance. Complementary breathing and meditation sequences train energy awareness and focus.

She is a certificated HATHA Yoga, BUDOKON Yoga, Inside Flow Teacher.

Kerstin teaches with the desire: to ignite the spark within you that gives you access to pure life force and your natural uniqueness.


Livia is vinyasa and yin yoga teacher, biologist, and cat lover who loves to move as much as to sit still.

Her yin teaching style is influenced by slow, peaceful, and quiet movements during which she creates space for her students in their bodies and minds and helps to take a break from our busy lives and busy minds.

Her favorite yin yoga pose is the sleeping swan, also known as pigeon in yang yoga classes.

Her personal mantra is to stay humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.


Born and raised in Switzerland Nikki discovered Yoga in 2012. The more she practiced the more she realized how beneficial this practice is to her understanding of her body, her life, her career and her surroundings. “Grow into a better version of yourself – day after day”, is her personal mantra.

She lives in Zurich, where her heart, her friends and her home is. Whenever she can she spends time in her second home base – a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, where she sparks from Yoga practice and good surf – possibly every day.

Her classes are a breath based combination of movement and meditation to help her students dropping into their body and out of their mind. In her teaching she aims to bring a feeling of lightness, acceptance and strength to her students. After her 200hrs YTT she trained in feminine empowerment and self-activation, and recently completed a 100hrs Biodynamic Yin Training with Cat Kabira. She loves to teach in warm places, with an open heart, where everyone is welcome to join.


Franziska is a Vinyasa- and Yin-Yoga teacher. After being in Central America to teach yoga and surf for half a year, she’s looking forward to teach in Switzerland again and serve you some tea/snacks after the class.


Yoga for Sinah means transformation and touches her in her innermost core. The magic of practicing asanas, pranayamas and meditation fascinates her again and again. Iyengar’s quote “You cannot describe the value of yoga, you have to experience it” speaks from her heart. The power of regular practice accompanies her every day and helps her to lead a fulfilled life.

Sinah teaches powerful vinyasa flows, with the influence of Hatha Yoga. The flowing movements can be perfectly combined with the calm and gentle movements of Hatha Yoga, where both styles focus on the breath. The lessons should combine the indescribably beautiful traditions with modern, sporty methods, have a balancing effect and provide for a great body feeling. After each lesson you will be accompanied into the final relaxation “Shavasana”, where body and mind come to rest.

Joyful and curious like a child, she will start another ten-month training in November and let the freshly learned flow into her lessons.

Sinah Training: 200hrs Vinyasa, 200hrs Hatha

Erica da Veiga

As founder, Erica is very excited and working hard towards creating a space that lives up to this name.

She says further, “For me, personally, my soul truly feels full when I can make people around me happy, when I can share my passions, when I can sit down or move with people to exchange ideas and inspire one another.”

Soul City is a place where we teach & support each other from the heart, a place to move, dance, laugh and just be yourself. Through yoga or any other holistic movement we enable your body and mind to move and help live a more mindful life. Forget society, forget expectations, forget flexibility… just come as you are. One of Erica’s favourite mantras is – “Don’t chase perfection, enjoy the journey – it’s far more fun!”

That’s also what Erica teaches in her yoga classes. She aims to gently challenge and encourage her students on their yoga journey, to offer them understanding and information that help them use yoga to deal with all the challenges that life throws at us.

Last words: “Finally, a BIG thank you to my team, for believing in the project and for all the awesome vibes! You touch my heart!”