Journey home to your inner light



October 31th – 3rd | Sonnennest, Sumvitg (GR)



In this retreat we honour the innate spark that each of us was born with – a spark of pure innocence, unwavering trust, boundless curiosity, infectious joy and a vibrant love and light that radiates from our very core.

Yet, as we move through life, we may find our light dimmed by life’s challenges. The fears, doubts and scepticism that arise from our experiences can cause blockages in our minds and bodies, causing us to momentarily forget the brilliance of our innate light.

This retreat is an invitation to rekindle the luminosity within. Our purpose is to guide you on a journey of remembrance, a return to that inner spark that is untouched by doubt, fear and anxiety.


This retreat is not just a physical journey but a holistic experience. Throughout the retreat we will be immersed in transformative practices: inner child work, ancestral exploration will reveal layers of your being, while yoga, somatic movement and trauma healing breathwork sessions will serve as conduits for releasing blocked energy.

Together, these practices aim to connect us back to our hearts and ignite the flame of our inner light, brining us back to a state of authentic radiance. Alongside these deeply healing practices, there will be plenty of time to relax, integrate, enjoy nature and connect with like-minded souls.


Ensuring your wellness, providing nourishing, fresh meals, accommodation and an all round experience with attention to details are fundamental aspects of our retreats.

Beyond the financial commitment, a retreat represents a significant investment in your personal well-being, and we understand that this investment may vary in magnitude for different individuals. We acknowledge that for some, it might initially appear challenging. If your desire to participate is strong, but your financial resources are limited, please reach out to us. We believe that where there is a will, there is a way, and together, we can explore options to make it feasible for you.

This retreat is exclusively limited to 10 participants.


    What is included:

    • 3 nights in a cozy mountain seminar house
    • Single or shared room
    • Daily movement classes and meditation
    • Daily Trauma healing breathwork sessions
    • 3 meals, locally sourced Vegetarian meals per day
    • ceremonies and celebrations

      Not included:

      • arrival and departure to the event venue
      • insurance

      Yoga Level: all
      Language of instruction: English and German


      • Single room 1450 CHF/per person (early bird 1050 CHF until 15.05.2024)
      • Double room 1250 CHF/per person (early bird 950 CHF until 15.05.2024)

      **BONUS: come with a SOULMATE and pay 100 CHF less each time **

      Feel free to contact us for further information on room assignments and booking and cancellation policies.

      Erica - Soul City Teacher


      ERICA – Empowering others to recognize their unique and innate potential is Erica’s passion. She firmly believes that life is our biggest teacher, and by having the right tools, we are able to welcome every experience, however painful, and grow from it. Erica sees it as everyone’s birthright to experience happiness, excellence, and fulfillment in all areas of life. As a dedicated Tantra Hatha teacher, Soul-Based Coach, and Vital Essence Breathwork Facilitator, her mission is to help individuals connect deeply with themselves and live auspicious lives.


      The Sonnennest (GR) boasts a fresh and cosy mountain chalet architecture, combining modern renovations with the enduring charm of its original features. This warm and inviting space offers a tranquil vantage point from which to contemplate the serene beauty of the valley. The housekeeping is carefully managed with respect for nature and the environment. The cuisine is of course regional and organic.



      There is enormous potential for growth and change on a personal and collective level, in a safe space, in trusting yourself and in sharing with like-minded people.Our mission is to make the truly impossible possible for you, to hold nothing back and to give you our complete trust. In return, we count on your total commitment to be the best you can be for YOU.


      • Space in this retreat is limited to 10 participants to allow for deeper work
      • To secure your place a non-refundable: I STAND BY ME deposit of 500 chf is required.
      • Registration opens 01/01/2024 and closes 31/07/2024
      • Early bird tickets are available until 30/04/2024

      To reserve your spot or for any further questions, please reach out by phone: 0791042828 or email:


        To reserve your spot for this retreat we kindly ask you to fill out the following contact form. We will send you a confirmation by email.