March 8th – 10th | GLISCHURA, Val Lumnezia (GR)


Every year, we start the year with a resolution, a spark of determination that often fades away after a few weeks amidst the hustle of daily life. But here, in the serenity of our retreat, prepare to break this cycle. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of intentionality, where every moment is an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Leave behind the distractions of daily life and embark on this soul-stirring adventure with us.

What to Expect

Our retreat is not just a physical journey but a holistic experience aimed at nurturing your body, mind, and soul. Alongside rejuvenating yoga practices, indulge in soul-soothing meditation sessions, Bhakti, reflective journaling, snowy nature walks, and empowering workshops. Engage in meaningful conversations by the fire place, connect with like-minded souls, and rediscover your inner compass, guiding you towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Erica - Soul City Teacher


What is included:

  • three days and two nights in a shared room
  • twice daily yoga bliss and lots more magic
  • mini workshop
  • 3 meals
  • yoga mats, blankets and pillows

    Not included:

    • Transport

    Yoga Level: all
    Language of instruction: English


    • Shared room CHF 920 (early bird CHF 850 valid until January 31th)

    Feel free to contact us for further information on room assignments and booking and cancellation policies.

    Erica - Soul City Teacher


    Erica – Empowering others to recognize their unique and innate potential is Erica’s passion. She firmly believes that life is our biggest teacher, and by having the right tools, we are able to welcome every experience, however painful, and grow from it. Erica sees it as everyone’s birthright to experience happiness, excellence, and fulfillment in all areas of life. As a dedicated Tantra Hatha teacher, Soul-Based Coach, and Vital Essence Breathwork Facilitator, her mission is to help individuals connect deeply with themselves and live auspicious lives.


    Erica - Soul City Teacher

    Bianca – is passionately devoted to the art of connection – to nature, Self, others, and Being. With an unwavering curiosity about life’s guiding lessons, she delves into the depths of human existence. Her soul’s yearning to remember unconditional love, divine wisdom, and infinite peace drives her, always asking, ‘How would love respond?’ As a Transformational Facilitator, Soul Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher, she believes learning is perpetual, and self-awareness is her daily inspiration. Compassionately serving others brings her profound joy, offering healing and aiding them in realising their innate potential.



    Perched amidst the serene embrace of the Swiss Mountains, in the heart of the enchanting Vals region, GLISCHURA emerges as a sanctuary of boundless inspiration. Here, against the backdrop of majestic peaks and crisp mountain air, every soul finds solace in the gentle rustle of leaves and the melody of mountain streams. This haven, nestled in nature’s lap, resonates with an undeniable vibrancy. It’s more than a place; it’s a symphony of comfort where the spirit finds harmony, where the soul discovers tranquility, and where growth is nurtured by the very essence of the Swiss mountains.


    In personal encounters and protected, trust-filled exchanges with like-minded individuals, an immense potential for growth and change emerges. Our mission is clear: to transform the seemingly impossible into reality for you, holding nothing back and offering our complete trust. In return, we rely on your unwavering commitment to show up and give your best. Together, we embark on a journey where potential knows no bounds, where trust and dedication pave the way for extraordinary change.


    • Space in this retreat is limited to 10 participants.
    • To secure your place a non-refundable: I STAND BY ME deposit of 250 chf is required.
    • Registration opens 01/10/2023 and closes 27/02/2024
    • Early bird tickets are available until 31/01/2024
    • You have questions. Contact us here:


      To reserve your spot for this retreat we kindly ask you to fill out the following contact form. We will send you a confirmation by email.