Sure, there are lots of nice things happening in the city that help you to recharge your soul in one manner or another. Enjoying a delicious dinner with your friends, attending a smooth yoga class, having a relaxing walk at the Uetliberg, or even going for a wild night of clubbing. Our beloved Zürich certainly has a lot to offer.

Sometimes, fitting in all these activities can feel a bit like going to Europa Park; you really want to test every ride and eat all of the crazy sweets, but no way will you be able to manage it all. The offers can be so overwhelming and so tempting that you would love to be everywhere and feel part of everything.

But in the end …  Well, it becomes exhausting.

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to do everything.

This is just a guess, but this feeling is probably not new to you. But did you ever ponder the question…why do we feel we need more?

Is it the mass of information that the media delivers to us? Could it be the dreaded FOMO? Or is it simply a case of not being able to rest? To be at peace with ourselves?

Maybe the answer is this. We are not just one-dimensional creatures. We come in a kaleidoscope of colors, a range of shapes, and a massive variety of feelings and interests. This is good.  Because of this variety, it’s ok that we need more than only one source for our nourishment.

We have a lot to offer to the world and therefore we want to experience a lot of the world.

We truly believe that to recharge our ‘self’ in the daily hustle, we need to see our ‘self’more than a body which needs movement, food or some ‘me’ time.

We are way more than one interest, feeling or shape.

Therefore we need to respect and treat the diversity of our being.

Soul City is the perfect space to honor all of us and nourish our souls in more than one direction.

We strive for natural, comfortable  and friendly movement. A movement that honors every part of our body. A movement that positively affects every state of being and feeling.

Every lovely living thing needs to be cherished in a warm and caring way. Therefore we are going to provide you some truly tasty bites. Soul brunch, soups, cakes, and delicious local coffee will all be forms of bodily nourishment for you.

Feel free to stay in our cafe “Soul Bites” to relax, create or learn in its warm, comfortable atmosphere..

We grow when we explore new things. We aim to treat your curious soul with a broad spectrum of workshops, talks and immersive concepts.

For us, it feels like a dream come to true be able to express, nourish and release ourselves in one safe space.

In Zürich. At Soul City.

The place of our heart and soul.

Where souls meet, grow and feel nourished. Where souls will thrive.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Welcome to our city.

To your city.